Beastie Store – Designer Pet Furniture

Beastie was born from a few things: A love for animals, beautiful furniture, and a firm belief in the South African concept of Ubuntu: I am because we are.

Proudly South African

All of our products are locally sourced, and supports local South African businesses and manufacturers. We strongly believe in supporting businesses and individuals within South African borders – and contributing to our local economy.

Supporting Animal Welfare

Too often as consumers we feel the need to ‘give back’ in some way, without any real since of ‘who’ or ‘which cause’ to support. We hope to make this choice a little easier for our customers, and make some small impact in our own way by contributing 5% of each purchase (the sale price, not profit percentage) to local animal welfare. We allow our online community to select the animal welfare organisation they feel most deserving of the support – and for 2020 we are proud to support Pug Rescue SA in our own small way.

Supporting Small Business

Our goods are all, without fail, manufactured and supplied by small businesses. From local community crafters and artists through to our upholsterers and carpenters – each purchase we make as a company is done carefully and selectively made to contribute to other small businesses, such as ourselves.

Modern Pet Furniture

Last, but certainly not the least! With our passion for animals (and our own little furry family) we found a need for beautiful pet furniture, which lends a bit more towards an aesthetically pleasing design, rather than pure function.